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Heat and fluids are the main factors in nature when it comes to life. Our daily life, the life on our planet and Universe at large depends on energy, thus understanding the physics and chemistry of thermal-fluids behavior and natural phenomena is essential. It plays an underlining role for problems and solutions in relation to energy, environment, biology and other important disciplines. THERMOPEDIA™ disseminates information and helps users learn about basic science with a focus on subjects related to sustainability, energy and environment; it addresses the problems that are facing our planet and what can be done about them. We ask for your support to THERMOPEDIA™ and donate to its programs; please specify the program you support or please click here to learn more.


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Thermopedia is a comprehensive online reference source for professionals and students requiring information on the subject. THERMOPEDIA™ structure is based on Thermal Sciences taxonomy. Current content includes an updated version of the famous “INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER” which was originally designed to be the “book one would like to have on one’s shelf”.

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