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R. Viskanta

Following from: Radiative transfer in combustion systems; Combustion phenomena affected by radiation; Radiative transfer in laminar flames

Leading to: Radiative transfer in combustion chambers; Radiative transfer in two-phase combustion; Thermal radiation in unwanted fires

In spite of the fact that turbulent flames are commonly encountered in practical combustion systems, the effects of radiative transfer on the flame structure have been neglected in fundamental turbulent diffusion or premixed flame modeling studies (Borghi, 1988; Bilger, 2000). Many excellent textbooks on the fundamentals of combustion are available (Williams, 1985; Glassman, 1996; Turns, 2000), but they provide little discussion, if any, on turbulence and/or radiation coupling in flames and practical combustion systems. Practical needs have motivated many studies on turbulent flame radiation, and a comprehensive account of earlier fundamental studies on sm ...

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