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Solutions for One-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Problems

Leonid A. Dombrovsky

Following from: P1 approximation of the spherical harmonics method, The simplest approximations of double spherical harmonics

Leading to: Radiation of an isothermal plane-parallel layer, Radiative equilibrium in a plane-parallel layer, Hemispherical transmittance and reflectance at normal incidence, An estimate of P1 approximation error for optically inhomogeneous media, Radiation of a nonisothermal layer of scattering medium, Diffusion approximation in multi-dimensional radiative transfer problems

The majority of practical radiative transfer problems are not one-dimensional. The known exception is radiative transfer in thin coatings and in samples used for identification of material radiative properties. Nevertheless, some aspects of one-dimensional problems are of interest. First of all, one can obtain exact solutions, and there is the possibility of estimating the accuracy of different approximate ...

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