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R. Viskanta

Following from: Radiative transfer in combustion systems; Combustion phenomena affected by radiation; Radiative transfer in laminar flames; Radiative transfer in turbulent flames; Radiative transfer in combustion chambers

Leading to: Thermal radiation in unwanted fires

In many practical combustion systems, fuel starts as a liquid or as a solid, which is then burned by a gaseous oxidizer. Examples of combustion systems burning liquid fuels include oil-fired industrial boilers and furnaces, turbines and rocket engines, process heaters, and liquid fuel-powered engines. Instances of combustion of solids include pulverized coal, wood, plastics, trash, agricultural waste, and refuse. For example, thermal radiation is the principal mode of heat transfer in industrial and utility furnaces burning pulverized coal. Both band emission from CO2 and H2O and continuous emission from particles of various types (coal, char, soot, and ash) ...

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