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熱力学 流量 熱伝達
Basic Concepts 伝導 還流 放射
マイクロスケール/ナノスケールの放射熱伝達 放射、吸収、放散媒体における放射伝達 放射、電動と還流による複合熱伝達 放射伝達の逆問題 熱放射の基本原理 非参加型媒体を通じた表面間の放射伝達 Applications of inverse radiation analysis Basic principles of thermal radiation Experimental study and theoretical modeling of spectral radiative properties of dispersed materials Heat-shielding properties of quartz fibrous materials Inverse design of enclosures with participating media and multimode heat transfer Near-infrared properties of droplets of aluminum oxide melt Nonuniform absorption of thermal radiation in large semitransparent particles at arbitrary illumination of the polydisperse system Numerical methods for inverse radiation problems Radiation from semi-transparent oxide particles in thermal spraying Radiation transfer in combustion chambers Radiative cooling and solidification of core melt droplets Radiative effects in semi-transparent liquid containing gas bubbles Radiative heat transfer Radiative properties of gas bubbles in semi-transparent medium Radiative properties of metal particles in infrared and microwave spectral ranges Radiative properties of polydisperse systems of independent particles Radiative properties of semi-transparent particles Radiative properties of soot particles Radiative properties of water droplets in near infrared Radiative transfer in combustion phenomena affected by radiation Radiative transfer in combustion systems Radiative transfer in laminar flames Radiative transfer in turbulent flames Radiative transfer in two-phase combustion Semi-transparent media containing bubbles Spectral radiative properties of diesel fuel droplets Spectral radiative properties of disperse systems: theoretical modeling and experimental characterization Spectral radiative properties of some important materials: experimental data and theoretical models Thermal radiation from nonisothermal particles in combined heat transfer problems Thermal radiation from nonisothermal spherical particles
熱交換器 相変化熱伝達 ミクロ/ナノスケールの熱伝達 電子機器冷却 熱伝達における実験法 物理的特性
Applications 研究方法論 Industrial R&D and Equipment 物理的特性


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