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Leading to: Radiative transfer for coupled atmosphere and ocean systems: the discrete ordinate method

A beam of radiation propagating in a turbid medium can be scattered, absorbed, or re-emitted. For simplicity, the inelastic process that involves radiation energy transfer from one wavelength to others is not considered in this article. The radiative transfer equation (RTE) is introduced to describe these interaction processes phenomenologically (Chandrasekhar, 1960; Preisendorfer, 1965). The derivation of the RTE from the classical Maxwell equations has also been published (Mishchenko et al., 2006). The RTE has important applications in many fields (Kattawar, 1991; Dombrovsky, 1996; Liou, 2002; Marshak and Davis, 2005; Modest, 2003). In this article, we are particularly interested in the radiative trans ...

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